Shaolin Kempo Karate

Although Kempo Karate has its origins in China and Japan, it is very much an American style based on practical self-defense. In Kempo class students start with warm ups and stretching followed by practicing fundamentals such as kicking, punching, blocking, and footwork.

The theory of Kempo can be summed up into understanding the use of three fighting ranges: kicking (long range), punching (medium range), locking and ground fighting (short range). The students learn practical self-defense techniques such as defenses against punches, kicks, or an attacker with a gun, club, or knife, etc. Defenses against being grabbed and other self-protection techniques are worked on as well in a safe structured environment.

The class curriculum challenges the students mentally as well as physically. The class is a great work out as well as being lots of fun. Please feel welcome to try a free class to see if it’s for you.